2017 florediem gardens

Peak Bloom

JULY 15-30, 2017 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Picture1 We invite you to stroll through the gardens, picnic on our lawns and enjoy the spectacle………flowers upon flowers. We are open for sales Thursday through Sundays or by appointment by calling 603-835-9025. You may also call to reserve the picnic table under the tent on the hill. We hope that you will come with family to enjoy some time during Peak Bloom when the gardens are at their most beautiful.

Our collection includes over 600 varieties in every color, shade or hue, shape and form, height and  bloom time.

Everyday during these two weeks new varieties bloom adding to the array of staggering color. Our imaginations work overtime  thinking of what will await when we go to the gardens in the morning.




Morning comes and it is always  magical, buds opening, color flashing in a blaze of flowers.  Please join us during this special time. Coffee will be served in the morning, lemonade and iced tea later in the day.  We have seating for elders under our tent or in shaded areas around the garden.

Children are most welcome. Throw a blanket and a picnic, in the car,  bring a bottle of wine if you like. relax and enjoy.

Visit our online catalog and preorder if you wish.  You can pick your order up at a convenient time.

Contact us at:  


Garden phone: Leave message Evenings:  603-835-9025

Leslie Honey  and Bill Williams

313 Hill Road, Alstead New Hampshire, 03602


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