Spring Time

Our favorite season has arrived in a burst of color.  We are always excited to return home from our tropical winter to the cool and refreshing air of New Hampshire.  Playhouse The Old White Crabapple

The scent of Spring is the most delicate of fragrances, one to be treasured. It is fleeting.Greenhouse with blossoms

We are especially excited to see our daylily gardens.  This year, because of a cool early April, we had slower growth than usual but two weeks later the plants are robust and healthy and thinking about sending up some scapes in a month or so.  There is a spirit of anticipation knowing that in less than two months we will be photographing blossoms for our daily entry on Facebook.   Join our friends to receive these daily photos.

Daylily Gardens may 14When blossoms burst and the yard is full of color, serious Spring weeding begins.  There is some dividing, some feeding and ample work ahead to maintain our beds and nurture our plants, but the major part of our Spring days is spent in weeding.

Bill's Compost in Various Stages - Copy

Bill’s mountains of compost are waiting to be judged “ready or not”.  To think that all of our garden weeds have made this beautiful soil to be put back onto what once was a field of gravel.

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